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What Happens After My Treatment

When receiving treatment in Singapore, please seek your specialist's advice on the follow-up care required when you return home. You will be furnished with medical records of your condition by the healthcare provider in Singapore for your home physician's reference. It is also advisable for your physician to keep the specialist in Singapore informed about your medical condition to ensure that you continue to receive adequate medical attention.

If return visits to the Singapore specialist are necessary, do discuss future medical trip plans with the healthcare provider's International Patient Service Centre. They can also help to arrange for medical evacuation in the event of medical emergencies.

For proper management of your medical condition, you are encouraged to go for regular checkups and follow-up treatment with your specialist in Singapore, in accordance with his advice.

Follow-up Care

Singapore also offers an excellent range of follow-up care services such as physiotherapy, rehabilitation and counseling which are available at hospitals and medical centres. Consult your specialist about the follow-up care services required, and request for the healthcare provider's International Patient Service Centre to help make the necessary arrangements.

Complementary Healthcare

For those seeking holistic recovery, a range of complementary healthcare facilities is available in Singapore. Conveniently located in the city centre, complementary healthcare facilities include licensed Traditional Chinese Medicine centres, chiropractors, reflexology centres, aesthetic spas and wellness centres.

Step-Down Care

Singapore's community hospitals provide patients with long-term step-down care. International patients may also wish to consider home nursing care. Your healthcare provider's International Patient Service Centre will be able to help you make the necessary arrangements.